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About A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences
The health of the people, considered the blessings of the rich and the riches of the poor, is the foundation that supports the edifice of happiness and prosperity of a nation. A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences is a brilliant, futuristic Endeavour of the Laxmi Memorial Trust(R); a premier educational organization is a brainchild of educationist & philanthropist Mr. A J Shetty. AJIMS is aimed to provide a global perspective of medical education to achieve the national objective of “Health for All”. Its enduring efforts have put Mangalore on the global map of medical education. The institution nurtures a vision “To establish as a premier institution imparting medical education that effectively combines high academic exposure, professional outlook and commitment to humanitarian values.”

An earnest effort to achieve this noble vision began with the first batch of medical students enrolled in the year 2002.AJIMS shatters all barriers of caste, religion, culture, etc and endeavors to provide quality education to all aspiring students. AJIMS is located on a 30-acre campus nestled amidst the plush greenery of this coastal paradise of Mangalore. The city is well connected by railways, roads, air and seaports respectively. The various buildings and blocks of the college on the vast campus are elegantly built to complement the terrain .The college building is constructed on a sloping land, overlooking the city. It offers an aesthetic ambience coupled with a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the city.

The classrooms culminate the advances of the 21st century technology boom and modern medical education to provide top-class education to the students. Laboratories are provided with modern equipments and high standard exhibits and slides to allow the students to consolidate the knowledge received in lecture halls. The highly talented and experienced faculty of AJIMS is pledged to mould its students into highly disciplined intellectuals of integrity. Thus, they foster medical ethics seasoned with humanitarian and moral values to transform us into future citizens who will make a difference in the world tomorrow. The medical college is also equipped with one of the best stocked libraries in the state. It offers an expanse of knowledge for the students to excavate. The computer and the Internet facilities allow the students to probe beyond the “book-world” and explore wider realms of knowledge.

About Mangalore

Mangaluru is the port city of Karnataka is juxtaposed between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. It is situated on the backwaters formed by convergent mouths of Nethravathi and Gurupur rivers; consequently it has waters on south and west sides. Crowned with the fame of being the ‘Cradle of Banking’. Mangaluru is the birthplace of 5 major banks. The city has also earned the nationwide merit for its excellent range of educational institutions and outstanding health services.

As rice is the staple food and fish is available in plenty, rice and fish curry is popular among Non- Vegetarians. People usually eat Boiled rice and the culinary skills of South Kanara are recognized worldwide. Among other special dishes, kori rotti, masala dosa, neer dosa, tuppa dosa, goli baje, semige, pathrode etc. are important. Varieties of pickles, happala, sandige, which can be preserved for a longer duration, are unique to this region. Dakshina Kannada contributing to India’s Incredibility with a babble of languages and culture (Tulu, Kannada, Konkani and Malayalam) co-mingle in the salty air and give a distinct sense of otherness to this land.

Mangaluru and the people itself are shaped by the rich cultural heritages that can lay claim to many unique art forms exclusively Mangaluruan. Yakshagana (Folk Dance, Drama), Hulivesha (Tiger Dance), Kambala (Buffalo race) and Korida Katta (Cock Fighting) are some of the popular entertainment modes that sets Mangaluru far apart from the ordinary. Deriving its name from Magaladevi, venerable deity of one of the oldest temples in tne city, Mangaluru presents a perfect portrait of religious harmony through its renowned churches, temples and mosques representing a populace which is acohesive entityu formed of four major religions- Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Jainism. The St. Aloysius chapel with its famed paintings by Moschemi, an Italian Jesuit is a popular tourist spot by art lovers. The Jumma Masjid at Ullal is one of the oldest mosques in the country. Within Mangaluru are situated the famed temples of Mangaladevi, Kadri and Kudroli.

For those on the lookout for relaxed evenings fanned by abalmy breeze, parks of Kadri and Tagore Park, along with Pilikula Nisargadhama will definitely find favor. Pristine beaches, fiery cuisines and famous temples make it a much sought after tourist desitantion. Experience the beautiful sands, explore the hills and treasure the memories of the paradise visited. Tulunadu with its cosmopolitan outlook and people with varied faiths beckon visitors to this beautiful land of blues and greens.